Get all the 6 endemic families
and all the endemic species
with our 24 day-tour !

Ground Rollers, Asities, Mesites, Cuckoo Rollers, Vangas,
Couas and the Bernieridaes with these tetrakas and Oxylabes and other endemics ...

We tailor-make your Madagascar Birding tour according to your inquiry, expectation and availability.
No time constraints ! Anytime between September and December !

Our tour program can be tailor-made to shorter or even longer version.
Group size is from a single birder to 12 pax.

NB : while in the rain forest, any group over 6 people will be devided into 2 groups to maxize birds sightings.

Bird photographer, lister or non lister,
we are here to serve you with the same enthousiasm !!!

Over 104 endemics in a bit more than 3 weeks.

Our birding tour program covers the best sites to bird in Madagascar :

  1. The spiny forest of the South West: Mangily spny forest, Ifaty area, Tulear and surroundings, Andatabo forest, Anakao area, Nosy Ve island, Tsimanampetsotsa Lake
  2. The Eastern rain forests: the Ranomafana national park, the Andasibe-Mantadia national parks, the Iharoka forest, the Masoala national park
  3. The deciduous dry forest of the West: the Zombitse forest, the Isalo N.P, the Ankarafantsika national park
  4. Masoala national park: all-inclusive package
  5. Wetlands: Tsarasaotra lake, Tsimanampetsotsa lake, Torotorofotsy Marsh, Ravelobe lake and surroundings, and the Betsiboka delta,

Extension to the Bemamba Lake, Bemanevika Lake, Ampitsopitsoka, Kinkony Lake and Sariaka Lake

We ensure :

  • Ground transport : good 4WD and buses in good condition, air conditioned
  • Lodging : Excellent choice of mid-range/upper range hotels, conveniently located to access the birding sites
  • Excellent bird guides: Julien (native to the Andasibe-Mantadia N.P) and i are together for 10 years in 2017. We understand your targets and know why will you be coming. We will move earth and heaven to exceed your expectations.
  • Local guides: well-chosen and experienced wildlife guides in each of the national parks
  • Boat trips : for the sea and wetland birds

For the detailed birding tour program: please e-mail us !
For the Madagascar Tour Guide bird list: please e-mail us !
For the Madagascar Birding tour map: please e-mail us !

Prices : 24 days

  • For a single birder:
    from 3.600 euros
  • For a pair until 6 pax:
    from 2.400 euros per person
    (for a pair or a small group),
    double or Twin-sharing room, B&B

Including :
all car transfers, ground transport, hotels on B&B, parks entrance fees, driver and accompanying guide, boat trips, Masoala tour

lunch-dinner-drinks, local guide fees, 3 internal flight tickets, tips
Food and drinks (16 euros per person per day) ;
internal flight tickets (3 flights x 210 euros per person);
local guide fees (550 euros for the whole tour for one up to 4 people)

Very hard birds and extensions:


  • Tsingy de Bemaraha national park :
    Tsingy Wood rail, Sakalava Rail (Bemamba Lake), Bat Hawk
  • West Kinkony Lake for the Sakalava rail,
    combined with the Baly Bay National Park and the Sariaka lake
    for more mammals (Lemurs and bats) and birds species

North East

  • Bemanevika lake and Bealanana area : for the Madagascar Pochard,
    Madagascar Red Owl and Mad Serpent Eagle (rough and tough)

South East

  • Tsitongambarika forest for the Red Tailed Newtonia, with other endemics like Brown mesite,
    can be combined with the Andohahela natioanal park and the Berenty reserve, for more Lemurs and birds

References / Recommendation

This is a list of more than happy birders who have birded with us since 2012 to now.
You can get in touch to these people to get more information about us. (Robert & Doris) - (Pierre Hofmeyr) - (Jim Labelle) - (Bill Stark) - (Easy Pieterson) - (Bob Kemp) - (Todd Pepper) - (Philip Reese) - (Collin Wood) - (Jacques Van Wyk) - (Sarit Tabak) - (Pieter & Susan) - (Geoffrey Jones) - (Roy Harris) - (Davis Leversedge) - (Roy Jurgensen, Tony) - (Colin Wyniard)



Birding in Madagascar also takes you to see :

  • the mammalian species of wildlife such Lemurs and bats,
    you will be amazed of the beauty and rarity of each species in different types of habitats
  • half of the World's chameleons are native to Madagascar
  • hundreds of frogs inhabit the Eastern rain forest of Madagascar

... and the Baobabs, the mother of the forest as we locally call them.
Fascinating tree among the rich and unique flora of Madagascar !